About us

INFOPA.net looks for willing students of our CdL who want to help with the technical management of the site: there is likely to be a redesign of the portal, so it is required experience in programming PHP 5, MySQL, XHTML, CSS , Javascript, fresh ideas and a lot of good will.
Since 2002 INFOPA.net is based on the voluntary contribution of users with the classic collection and the staff with some free time, so the only reward we can guarantee is that INFOPA.net can be a good experience to be included in the curriculum vitae, as well as an excellent gym for your neurons.
Write to infopa [AT] gmail.com and let us understand somehow what you can do! ๐Ÿ™‚

February 15 TheVirtual University Booklet has been updated with the latest posters of the three-year and specialized studies. You can reach it by clicking on the “WEB Booklet” item in the menu.
Remember that the booklet remains connected to your account only if you have logged in on INFOPA! Otherwise you can download the save in XML format, to reload it later.
Thanks to wild87, who gave us the configuration files for the specialist!

February 14 The forum was integrated with the sections concerning the subjects of the Specialist Degree. Furthermore, the section of the triennial has been updated to the new 2010/2011 Manifesto of Studies; find the old subjects in the section “Subjects of the old posters of studies”.

March 19 INFOPA.net is updated! We decided to change software for our wiki (INFOPedia), going to the well known MediaWiki … the same software as Wikipedia! : D
Dear users, what we ask of you is simply to use it. At the moment the information already entered is few, but we are beginning to report on the new platform everything that was on the old wiki (which will remain in operation for a while ‘) and much more!
And remember … INFOPedia’s motto is: “He who seeks finds, and he who does not find writes! ยป

June 18thThe structure of the Material & Exami section in the Forum was made compatible with the new Manifesto of Studies; the subjects that did not find a place in the new structure have been moved to the Subject section of the old Manifesto of Studies , in order not to lose the posts that could still be used.

April 24 Here we are! We are back, after the transfer to a hosting that will give us less economic problems in the future! ๐Ÿ™‚
The passage, as you can see, was quick and painless. But now enjoy INFOPA.net again, OUR community!

March 10 Dear users, students and friends,
this year we invite you to participate in the classic annual collection to renew the web spaceof INFOPA.net.
Every little donation is so much for all of us, to continue to benefit from OUR community, that has accompanied us so far through lessons and exams, outings and trips ๐Ÿ™‚
Find the donation counter right in the middle of the home page, while to participate in the collection you can find staff of the faculty, or you can click on the PayPal icon under the menu of the site to send an electronic donation.
Thank you all already now!

3 July On 5 July the site will be (totally or partially) inaccessible from 8:00 am to midnight, due to the physical transfer of the server to the Tiscali webfarm.

April 16thThe collection for the 2008/2009 hosting renewal has ended! ๐Ÿ™‚
We thank all the donors , both small and large, who have allowed this project to go on and continue to be at the service of computer scientists, both from Palermo and elsewhere.

September 15 The INFOPA.net portal will be redesigned to become open-source ! A development project has been opened on SourceForge , to which we are ALL invited to participate, even if only with some ideas.
At the moment, and still for a while, the project will be in the “planning” phase, in which we will outline the features of the new portal by discussing in the Developer Forum (accessible to the project participants) … and now more than everthe opinion of everyone , to then realize something that is corresponding to our needs.
Just register on SourceForge and request to participate in the project! We are waiting for you!: Ok: